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The Five Stages of a Mental Illness Diagnosis

Posted by breakyostigma on

How we come to terms with the process

You’re finally able to book an appointment to see the shrink and anxiously sit in her office filled with worries as she listens to the symptoms you’ve been struggling with.  Is it being overstressed?  Please, oh please, let just it be stress.  I promise I’ll take my breaks at work and hit my 10k steps every single day on my Fitbit to relieve whatever I’m going through.  What about my diet?  No more double-doubles and animal fries at In & Out, I swear.  Just don’t let it be that.  Never, ever that.

And then she hits you with the news you’ve been praying to avoid: “You have a mental illness and I’m going to prescribe you these medications.”

Game over. It’s that.