Under Construction (again)

Recovery 2.0

You know the bipolar type – somewhat grandiose-level ideas, creativity on point, and disruption to the max?  Well, the caveat to that abundance of grandiosity is a complete lack of execution or follow through – and ultimately, crash and burn.

During Recovery 1.0, I tried to do way too much.  Start a non-profit, apply for research grants, change the mental health game.  I ultimately crashed, which has been the theme of most of my adult life and for many of my peers living with mental illness.

Now in phase 2.0 of the “Get-My Shit-Together” process with proper med management (please Lord), ongoing CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and sobriety (Dec 14, 2017), I’m just going to be me and talk about my daily struggles living with mental illness.  Whether it’s the volatile mood swings with bipolar disorder, lack of focus and direction with my newly diagnosed ADHD (knew it for such a long time), or constant cravings for a Jack on the rocks, it’s going to be honest and unfiltered.

Enjoy the show and let’s pray there’s not a Recovery 3.0 in the near future cause this shit is exhausting.